Monday, September 24, 2012

EXCLUSIVE '; UNITED Prepareing lsco bid

                                                                         EXCLUSIVE '; 
                                                                   Manchester United football club are set to make a wooping 20 million lsco bid next few weeks ''; Understood scouts have being keeing tabs on lsco and realy like the style of the player and would like to happen ''; Sources in Spain Cliam Contact has being made to Malga from United '' United are prepareing a wooping 20 million bid for the Summer '''; Understood  Nani is on his way out if club can reached United Valuation on him which is 30 millon ''';

                                                        UNITED  CLOSE IN ON lsco

Untied set  to make a wooping bid for lsco
                                                                            MUFC.7777.COM SOURCES LAST NIGHT were told United are sure they will land there man even do there is strong interest from Arsenal '; Also Understands United are unlikely to sign this January ''';

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