Tuesday, October 9, 2012


                                                                  EXCLUSIVE ';
                                                                Mufc.777.com Understands toinght ;; United are on the brink of siging Tom lnce for a fee of 6 million ''; Sources close to the deal told us Last week Sir Alex Ferguson would watch him play last week '; Sky Sports News Understands '; Sir Alex Ferguson watch him on Saturday which Mufc.777.com Exclusive told you he would Last week '; Sources are infomend  Ferguson is set to clinch the deal as late as this week ''; with 6 million being agreed ..' Paul lnce is understood to be pucshing the move trough ''; 777/.com Sources were infomend this week several meetings have taken place with Manchester United and Blackpool fc. United and Blackpool are now in the final stages of closeing the deal '; Is Are Understand Blackpool would like Nick Powell on Loan in a swap deal But Sources cliam not possible as ferguson wants him to stay at Manchester United Football club ';

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