Tuesday, November 6, 2012

EXCLUSIVE; Fergie Set to Bid Big for James Rodriguez

                                                                              EXCLUSIVE ;;
   Fergie Set to Bid Big for   JAMES RODIGEZ  
  written By   and @corrienationstr
                                       Mufc.777.com Understands Last Night United are ready to go all the way for James Sources Understand Last Night .; United set to bid 30 for James ' Is More Likely to happen next Summer Sources Understand Porto keen to keep him until the end of the Season '; Mufc777. Com Understands Last Night Fergies Scouts  have watched him loads of times this season . Is Our Understanding Nani sell should be enough to get James '; Sources also Understand United will try and get him this January .

                                                        United Step Up James Rodriguez         
                                                       Mufc.777.com also Understands if United fail to sign James.  United have an verbal agreement with Blackpool fc . for Tom ince for January . if United fail to Reached agreement for James ';


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