Monday, February 25, 2013

Exclusive '; United Open Nani Contract talks ';

                                                                             '; Nani Contact Opend for talks
                                                                        Mufc.'; has being Exclusive told By a few Sources'; Manchester United and Nani Reps Are in talks  of signing a new dea'; Nani was Close to exit this year'; But deal fail trough'; Sir Alex Ferguson'; Has Hinted he wants to keep  the Player';  Now Sources Understands Last Night talks have Opend again '; And Manchester United Hope a deal can be agreed';, This Summer';
                                                                           At Last Niani to sign a new Long term Contract';
                                                                      MEANWHILE'; Robin Van Persie his fit to play against  Madrid so Todays papers say '; Is My Understanding as well Robin Will be Ready for Norwich game '; Media Reckons he back traing Tomorrow or Wednesday '; Van Persie '; I like to play every game when i dont play it takes me a while to get in to the game 15 or 20 Minutes'; '; So with a big game against Real i fully expect Robin to play on Saturday for that reason only';

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