Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Breaking news United bid of 38 milllion turned down

Brazilian press are reporting that following an initial bid of €33m for Lucas Moura being turned down immediately, Manchester United have come back with a huge offer of €38m hoping to get their man. Globo Esporte say the Premier League club have 'opened the safe' to make the new move but they won't be happy with the response. The new proposal, which is worth around £30m, is a big increase and the club will be wondering just what they have to do to get an offer accepted. Sao Paulo had suggested that around €38m would be enough because it would mean they got the amount they wanted before Lucas Moura, his family and representatives were able to take their cut - as outlined in his contract. Indeed, Globo Esporte confirm that the offer matches what Sao Paulo had indicated they wanted for Lucas Moura given his contract situation. It's a big risk from the Brazilian club because there's a very real chance Manchester United will walk away now, feeling that they are being lured into parting with more and more money. Club president Juvenal Juvencio has changed his mind according to the Brazilian outlet, the club are currently without a sponsor and Lucas Moura is their main attraction commercially. He wants to squeeze as much as he possibly can from any transfer of the player, if Manchester United want to complete the deal then they may have to convince Lucas Moura to give up part of the transfer he is entitled to. The young Brazilian is currently in England preparing for the Olympics with his country's Olympic squad, he is not selected to start against Great Britain in the friendly on Friday.

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