Saturday, July 7, 2012

World EXCLUSIVE '; '; United Go Hot for Moutinho

                                                                              World EXCLUSIVE
                                                                           Source of  '; Time 12'; 13 Date June 7/ 2012 
  Moutinho  so close to his dream move
                                                            Inside information Last night told us . United Reps were in Lisbon this week trashing out a deal for Moutinho  ''''. with Porto and his agent ''.
Source.';;;;; United Reps were in Lisbon all week trying to  close a deal for Moutinho  our Ounderstanding is a deal is agreed of a fee .' we do not yet know if Personal terms have being agred . but of Course when a fee is agreed then the club leaves you speak to him . We expect Moutinho   deal to  be sealed this week as United are going tour with in a week '; There Looking to get the deal done fast. Moutinho  signs we dont think he will be going on tour with United as he was in the Euros but will join leter on with the Red Devils '; United  were also  Lisbon talkeing to Benfica trying to agree a deal with them  to sell Anderson for 20 million a fee is close to being agreed . United were also in Lisbon talkeing to Mendes Nani agent trying to reached agreement on five year deal, '; which understood to be realy close i understand toinght is all happeing at United in a every complex deals this Summer . Baines no were near to being agreed have agreed a 13 million deal with Everton want add ons Rising to 16 million in years to come United not haveing that . and have set Everton a Seven Day Deadline to agree a deal our deal will be off .' United are fed up of trying to agree deal for him. and Fergie understood would Like to make a move for Ashely Cole but some how wont happen Baines still every much main target for Left Back . Modric is closeing on Madriad . ' deal being closed . which United had being closed but then Real came in United pulled out .  . this week is going to be a lot happening watch the Space. the Source from World Exclusive Moutinho  Closes in on United move .'


  1. So there you go that the Lested from our Source on Moutinho have your say blow .

  2. great move he'll add some energy to our mildfied and do you if you still have some interest sneijder??? i heard that inter want to sell

  3. This is really good news, been waiting for this for a while. United are going to be a force to reckon with next with next season. Everton just need to let baines slide and the personal terms with moutinho and sell anderson to give him the #8 jersey, and prob buy a striker if Berba leaves in the summer preferably Lewandowski. ^_^ #mufc

  4. Don't think we should sell Anderson.We'll have only Clevz and maybe Moutinho as creative midfielder.Or we should buy someone instead of him

  5. Need some fresh information about Moutinho situation, whether personal terms have been agreed or broken down, as well as the Baines situation. Please let us have some more good news. Reply ASAP.

    1. Moutinho still excepted to happen '; his United las hope on Transfer is ever Complex Summer do.