Friday, July 6, 2012

Bye Bye Moutinho United make Moutinho bid as we said this weak.

                                                                        Source Times Newspapers.;
Joao Moutinho
Moutinho closes in on United move.
                                                              According to the Times Newspaper cliam United make a 20 offer for Moutinho which we told you on Tuesday an offer was made of 25 million. that is what we were told what was made .. United next step now is agree a fee for him a soon as Possible.


  1. now this wat i wanna hear :). now just keep us updated

    1. Mountino 98 per cent done i hear toinght more as soon as i get the info of the Source.

  2. Have we nearly signed moutihno then what about baines and Lucas from brazil

  3. that is superb news, so with park leaving Moutinho might where the #13 shirt