Thursday, August 16, 2012

Breaking news '; Rvp Arrives for Medical ';

                                                                Reports today cliam Rvp has left London and now on the m2 to Manchester '; he came from train from Germany last night ''''''; United Reps picked him up at the station this Moring and are now close to arriveing to Manchester ''''; Medical expected at 2 o clock deal will be said the club webstie Tomorrow '' Rvp will play his first game on Monday against Everton '' told You last week Rvp deal was close after fergie had meet him and now he is finaly a Manchester United player '' all goes well of course ''; keep  you posted

Robin van Persie
Rvp finaly a United player as Window is no shut for the Summer ';
                                                     was told Rvp was there last summer siging a week ago but if Everton drop the price on Baines United move '';

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