Sunday, August 5, 2012

Exclusive '; Fergie Gets his man Moura ';

                                                    Understands toinght Moura is United Bound , The Source told us '; Fergie Spoke to Moura yesterday and sealed the deal ;' United Spoke to Moura Yesterday and agreed a deal with him '; Fergie was understood to have meet  him and agreed a deal .
United now on the verge of signing  Moura for 30 million Pounds '; Moura is Booked for a Manchester United Medical Tomorrow weather Brazil will leave go is another thing they have traing in the Moring '; United will ask the Brazil fa can he have his Medical Tomorrow  Afternoon '; Should take two hours to seal the deal if Brazil agree to do it .
                                                    WORLD EXCLUSIVE '; UNITED WANT MOURA DEAL DONE TOMORROW ';

United Seal Moura deal ;

                                                  Moura to pen five deal ; hopes it will be Tomorrow ';
                                                Sp have deny any deal has taken place ; Sure they say at that until the deal is said by Manchester United he  is not signing for SP So of course they would deny  it '; Unitl United say is there Court now when to say he is a Manchester United player '; There is he will be a Man United player This time Tomorrow night but is all down to Brazil fa weather not they will leave have a medical with United '; Meanwhile Fergie is set to meet RVP agent Tomorrow and Plan there next bid to Arseanl '; Arseanl want 20 million '; United are Ready to offer that amount ; Arseanl do not expect United to that and will get a Shocked that they will '; United hopeing RVP deal done by Thurrsday  ; The Source in England Exclusive told Last night ';


  1. This page is bull you dont no nutting all you do is get stuff out of pappers and post them you have no source so stop putting up shit getting peoples hopes up you fish

  2. Lowest news ever. Never accurate

  3. Haven't posted anything new lately I wonder why that is because u relised ur source is a shit talker.

  4. In fairness to him the deal was done as his agent said , Lucas had agreed to lie until psg made a bid Saturday night

  5. I was on Hoildays so was not on foks '; deal was on but psg made a late my news was correct Sunday night a week ago but Psg came in Late he was United player on Sunday night