Friday, August 24, 2012

United v Fulham Massive 3 pionts '';

                                                          were at the Everton game on Monday night ''''  and we felt that 4-3-3  was not working and now know we reckon fergie will go back to a 4-4-2 for the fulham game ''' 
                                                                                     De Gea
                                                                          Rafael  Vidc Carrick Evra
                                                                      Valencia Scholes Kagawa Young
                                                               Sir Alex Ferguson has hinted Rvp will start as it is a home game he has got every chance he will start  ''''''';;    Jones is back traing but he said not ready yet ''' also was told Evans back traing as well and could even make Tomorrow game with Fergie Possible playing games to reck fulham plans ahead of massive game '' ''''''' Liverpool play City which is  banker Liverpool will win as City poor display always against them '''''''''''''''''''.''''''''''''''''',,...''   Swasnea play west Ham we expect West Ham to Nick a piont meanwhile Chelsea play Newcastle we think Newcastle will win there after the display last Summer ''''' Arsenal away to Stoke never easy expect a Stoke win while Everton play Villa always a team beats United loose the following week which will happen tomorrow expect home ''''''''''';;;;;;;;;;; So is massive for United to get all 3 pionts Tomorrow and few goals will cone in handy as well ''''''';  by next weekned we should be close enough to Chelsea ahead of the two week break then when we come back Wigan should be big with all are players realy match fit and should have the likes of Evans Jones Rio back and are season will realy start there have your say blow in what is your team for Tomorrow i will leave a reply to you come on United now transfer window is over we can get down supporting the team ''' Rvp the biggest signing in years reckon going to beat Ronaldo goals scoreing breaker of 42 goals what do you think '''' full match report Tomorrow night big win i am expecting tomorrow and going to the game keep you posted tomorrow night '''

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