Saturday, August 4, 2012

Reports '; United sign Moura '; Sunday Mail ';

                                                                        Mufc.777 has being Bring You the Moura saga for Months now and finaly it Looks like he has signed '; Bob Cass who works for the Mail Sunday has broken the news toinght Moura will have a medical Tomorrow '; As a 30 million with Sp has being agreed '; Normanly i dont Trust Bob but just think we might have Nailed this one '; If it was Wrong he lose sellers for the paper so i dont think the Mail of Sunday would leave him print such a strong word as a Medical Tomorrow only time will tell '; My Source today told me Fergie went to Newcastle meet Moura agent in a Hotel in Newcastle and sealed the deal ';  We will break the news Tomorrow if he signs more when we get it stayed tomorrow could be the end of Moura at long last ?

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