Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Exclusive '; Fergie plans to meet Gary Cahill in January ahead of move ';

Fergie always get who he wants watch the space in January fergie is after you
                    FERGIE SET TO HIJACK Gary Cahill
                  FROM SPURS AND CHELSEA ACCORDING TO SOURCES CLOSE TO  Gary Cahill. mufc.777.com '; understands this moring ' Gary Cahill has being told byBolton that Fergie wants to meet him in January over a move to United ''' Gary Cahill knows United are in for him but he  has massive selction to make between Chelsea Spurs and United ''''.  it is all down to him money dont come in to it Champions league football could be the big move for him which Spurs our United dont have but he likes the Fergie trust his young players in a bad form when there down he picks them up ' so it is a big move for him i think it is either United our Chelsea '; fergie was on the verge of losing Jones  to  but ''''' snaped him up under there noses '' cos he went face to face with Jones ''' in his Hoilday home in france in the Summer '; Fergie is doing same here he knows if he meets him face to face he has great chance of signing him in January ''' A close mate of Gary Cahill told Mufc.777.com this moring ';

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