Monday, December 12, 2011

Exclusive '; Sunderland make Bebratov a top January number one target';

                                   Understands Toinght Sunderland have told United there interest in Signing Berbatov in January '''' they all ready took Brown and O Shea and now they want Berbatov' a north east source told us toinght ''; Sunderland want Berbatov Martian wants to land a big name at Sunderland in January ''' but only 6 months of his contract left ''''...United have to offer him a contract our sell hime and Sunderland are asking what is happeing wages could be a Problem of signing Berbatov as Sunderland know when they failed to sign Gibson ''' due to  wages '''''' but this time around they will make sure it wont happen a second time ''''......'''''''''' around the source told Toinght

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